Our Endo Awareness/Support Walk is in Six Months!

2015 Endo Walk group photo
2015 Bloomin’ Uterus Endo Awareness & Support Walk

The Bloomin’ Uterus Endometriosis Awareness & Support Walk is only six months away! Six months!

With that exciting realization, I followed up with the Endometriosis Foundation of America this morning to check on the progress of their 2014 financial audit.  As you are likely aware, any funds I raise for the walk are donated directly to the Endometriosis Foundation of America.  Gofundme, in partnership with Wepay, take their small percentage of each donation for a service fee, but the rest of the funds go to the EFA.  I don’t see one cent.  The same is true for any Bloomin’ Uterus t-shirt sales (these will go live again in late January 2016) – 100% of the profits are directly donated to the EFA.  I, again, do not see one penny.  I wanted to make sure that your (and my) donations actually went toward research, education, and awareness.  Not my pocket.  Not venue fees.  Just exactly where it should be going: education and research.

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Bookmarks, Business Cards, and Buttons!

Bloomin' Uterus business cards

I figured since I’d be mailing out books from my Bloomin’ Uterus library, I would need bookmarks to send out, too!

So I went to Vista Print and had some business cards made up! I’m uber excited, but they’ll take a few weeks to get here…

I’m also hoping that my gyno will allow me to leave a small stack with the nurse of the office, that way when women with Endometriosis come into the office, they can maybe slip them a card.  I know I was left flabbergasted and bewildered when I left after my diagnosis appointment.  Maybe it would bring a little bit of peace to any new EndoSisters.

That’s not even the best part!!

I used Goodshop to log into Vista Print, and they’ll donate 4% of my purchase price to the Endometriosis Foundation of America! *woot* It’s like a double win!! So now I’m even MORE excited!

My uterus is bloomin’!

Bloomin' Uterus logo that reads: I will endure. I will flourish. And I am still beautiful.

For any of you who are new to the page, and THANK YOU for following my musings, I wanted to explain a bit about this whole Bloomin’ Uterus thing. 🙂

I was diagnosed with Endometriosis after surgery this past June.  My nurse once described Endometriosis like crab grass…it just lives there and grows and grows and grows, despite how much you cut it out. So I felt disgusting and gross on the inside…until I created the Bloomin’ Uterus! It’s a graphic that helps me feel better about what’s growin’ and goin’ on with my body.  It was designed before I learned that the uterus likely doesn’t have anything to do with Endometriosis…But, it’s done. And I love it still.

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Tag Teamin’ Against Endo!

tag team wrestlers in a ring

I cannot believe it!

When I was first diagnosed in June of this year with Endometriosis,  I searched for art to make me feel more beautiful.  I needed something… And I found “Sinta” on Etsy by GiGiMarie Stationary.  After contacting the artist and asking if the painting could be placed onto a journal and explained why, we bonded : GiGi painted “Sinta” after she learned of her own diagnosis with Endometriosis.  We all cope in our own ways, eh?

GiGi custom-ordered me a journal with her artwork on it.  And her painting also hangs in my living room, a daily reminder that we are still beautiful.  And we’ve been friends ever since.

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Raising funds for the Endometriosis Foundation of America!

Bloomin' Uterus logo that reads "I will endure. I will flourish. And I am still beautiful."  The bloomin' uterus logo is flowers forming the shape of a uterus, fallopian tubes, and ovaries

Those of you who are familiar with the Bloomin’ Uterus already know what’s going on…the rest of you?  🙂  I am raising funds and awareness regarding Endometriosis.  You can donate to my fundraising efforts (and obtain a Bloomin’ Uterus button!) on my Gofundme page.  All the money goes straight to the Endometriosis Foundation of America. The fundraising campaign started and was quickly followed by an idea to make buttons of a design I created after learning I have Endometriosis.

The Bloomin’ Uterus was born! What’s this Bloomin’ Uterus business?!? My nurse once described Endometriosis like crab grass…it just lives there and grows and grows and grows, despite how much you cut it out. So I felt disgusting and gross on the inside…until I created the Bloomin’ Uterus! A fun coping mechanism, and spreading Endometriosis Awareness along the way.

The Bloomin' Uterus logo on a yellow button
1.5″ buttons

The buttons project been a huge hit! Not only with women who are suffering from Endometriosis, but also among their friends and families.  May this become a badge of courage, an honor to wear.   It’s been an incredible bonding experience for me and my fellow EndoWarriors. And it has taken my breath away.

text that reads "Endo is such a stupid disease, but your image symbol for endo gives it so much more meaning to me. I am a woman. I have an invisible illness.  I still have value. And I am still beautiful."
One EndoWarrior’s words summed up exactly how I feel about this entire project. Bloomin’ Uterus buttons touching lives and hearts.

Thank you, to everyone.

Yours, Lisa