Bookmarks, Business Cards, and Buttons!

Bloomin' Uterus business cards

I figured since I’d be mailing out books from my Bloomin’ Uterus library, I would need bookmarks to send out, too!

So I went to Vista Print and had some business cards made up! I’m uber excited, but they’ll take a few weeks to get here…

I’m also hoping that my gyno will allow me to leave a small stack with the nurse of the office, that way when women with Endometriosis come into the office, they can maybe slip them a card.  I know I was left flabbergasted and bewildered when I left after my diagnosis appointment.  Maybe it would bring a little bit of peace to any new EndoSisters.

That’s not even the best part!!

I used Goodshop to log into Vista Print, and they’ll donate 4% of my purchase price to the Endometriosis Foundation of America! *woot* It’s like a double win!! So now I’m even MORE excited!

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