Amy Michalski

I am 36 and started my first of 5 shots in august of 2016. I am HYPERSENSITIVE to side effects to any medicine. During the first 3 shots, my worst symptoms were cramping, hot flashes, memory loss, and decreased sex drive. I actually petitioned to continue the therapy after the first 3 months. 6 months was the max they would allow. already had EVERY single non-narcotic drug in the little black book, the laparoscopy, etc. another surgery was not an option. I knew this would be short term….however, now that it is february, i feel like i teased myself. 5 months VERY little pain, how do you all learn to live with the pain again?? I want to get pregnant so a hys is not an option…i have a non-narcotic prescribing ob/gyn…..i feel like i lost my pain mgmt and coping mechanisms…..thoughts advice???