Hi, my name is Brittany and I am 28 I had my first laproscopic procedure done June of 2012. That’s when I found out just how bad my endo was. It’s considered stage 3. It’s on my uterus bowels,bladder, and right ovary. I started lupron injections about 2 weeks after surgery. That time I got 2, 3 month injections. During lupron, I barely slept. I had hot flashes like no other, mood swings, and headaches. It still did not compare to the pain I previously had. I still told myself “never again.” I got my period at the 90 day mark. Periods weren’t nearly as painful for about 6 -9 months. The pain soon returned. I ended up getting on the depo shot for 3 months (periods disappeared). Once returning I was in a tremendous amount of pain during my period. I finally told My Dr I wanted another procedure. So on March 16th 2016 I got it. She told me I needed the lupron. We went back and forth. She told me she highly recommended it so I agreed to 1 month injections so I could stop if it was too bad. If I was even 2 days late on getting my injection I started my period. I missed 2 months then the pain got too unbearable. I started them back up and all was going well until November when I flooded for 1 week then off for 1 week then started again for another week (September and October I bled as well but not as much). In December my period never came. On January 7th 2017 I took a pregnancy test and it was positive! I am currently awaiting to go to the obgyn. Mind you, I have a son that was born 9/8/2007. I NEVER thought I’d have another. I believe that hellish drug is the reason I got this blessing.