How long from when you stopped did the bone pain subside? I’ve done a 3month does and am having a full hysterectomy in 2 weeks. I stopped the Luron because the bone and muscle pain is horrific. I’m praying it subsides quickly. I play classical guitar, but can’t at the moment as the tendonitis brought on by the lupron is so bad.

An update on my recovery. I took a 3 month does of Lupron Depot Feb 1, 2016. I did NOT take the 2nd injection in May. Instead I opted for a full hysterectomy on May 20, 2016. I am 49 years old and close to menopause, so it was a logical next step. The hysterectomy was done vaginally and laparoscopically and went well. I am healing well and other than a bit sore I have no pain. The muscle pain from the Lupron has also drastically subsided. I am very hopefully that by the end of my 6 week recovery all the Lupron will be out of my system and I will be a new woman for the next stage of my life. I am having mild hot flashes but really not much at all, but I think cutting our caffeine and alcohol have been a contributing factor to that. There is hope and alternates to Lupron Depot which carry far less debilitating side effects. The hysterectomy was the best decision I have made. I have no regrets.