Jam Montegrejo

Hi! last February this year, i was diagnosed with adenomyosis and adenomyoma. My OB gave me 3 shots of Lupron for 3 months. At 1st injection, like after a week, the pain had stop. i took calcium, folic acid and chinese meds for my mood swings, bones,control for wight gain and strong foundation for pregnancy. 2nd injection, i felt hot flushes, mood swings, depression. 3rd injection, sometimes i forget easily and i felt bone cracking on my knees, back pain, bone pain on my arms and my vision was change before i have 25/20 and now its 25/25 vision, dizzy, headache, and more on back pain.

But on the positive side of it. the abdominal pain is gone, It did shrink my adenos, and after four months, i had a follow-up check up and done ultrasound of my uterus, my uterus is clear and my eggs are big. But the OBGyne said. I should wait for my period to get pregnant. after 2 or 3 months of last injections. i will have my period. But until now I am still waiting for my period to go back.

Is anyone can help me what to do to get back my period?

Some says that i should start taking iron supplements to get back my period.
and now i don’t know it feels like the adeno is back.

Is there any chance that the adeno will go back?
Is there someone got pregnant after adeno shrunk?
How long does the lupron stays in our system?
Is there any drug or supplement or any tips on how to release lupron fully?

I am tired of waiting for my period. I hope you can answer my questions.