Thank you for posting your experience and I’m sorry. I can tell you that I did 1 1/2 years of Lupron and it. Was. Awful. The sad part is that it’s the better alternative to life with endo on your period. I had to have a hysterectomy 4 months ago. I’m 35 and do not have children yet. It was devastating. But let me tell you something, the quality of life you gain back is indescribable. For me, I don’t even remember feeling this alive before all this. The post-surgery healing (mental and physical) with a combo of adjusting to no Lupron and for me, coming off 2 straight years of narcotic pain meds was difficult. I recommend talking to your doc about help with this part.
To the issue about children. This isn’t easy. I think we will always feel that sense of “loss” but let me share this with you. My twin sister battled endo too. And 4 years ago she too had to have a hysterectomy before having children. It crushed her. 2 years ago though she and her wife got pregnant with an anonymous donor. And her son is a spitting image of my sister. He looks like her, acts like her, he is Her son. (In fact everyone assumes she carried him) When it’s meant to be, it just is. And you don’t have to carry a baby to be a mother. Stay strong. And you are not alone.