Feel Good Fridays

A single lightbulb

We made it through another week!

Today’s quote is by Marie Curie:

“Certain bodies… become luminous when heated. Their luminosity disappears after some time, but the capacity of becoming luminous afresh through heat is restored to them by the action of a spark…”

Why do I love this quote?  To me, it represents our passions in life.  We may be overwhelmed by passion for a particular subject or activity, but lose it for one reason or another.  It could be the topic no longer interests us, or that we had to “drop” it due to physical or emotional roadblocks.  Does that make us any less (fill in the blank)?  No.  We are still whole.  We still have “the capacity of becoming luminous afresh…”

This holds true for every aspect in our lives: a bad break-up, an unexplained sadness, the loss of a friend or loved one, a personal defeat.  We lose something, but are we any less?  No.  We may have a void, but we are still us.  We still have that ability to be full…to be luminous.

And at any time, our spark may return, either self-imposed or by the spark of another.  Ignite each other. Inspire each other.  Imagine the ripple effect.  Imagine the glow.

a series of lightbulbs

Is there a link between Endometriosis and sexual abuse?

purple ribbon - child abuse

**UPDATE: 2/4/16 : Please read My Two Cents for my research results**

Time to get a bit personal with you…

I was molested by my grandfather for years as a young child.  My parents divorced when I was six.  I told my Mum when I was 8 and she literally uprooted our small family and moved us out of state, which caused a huge rift between my father’s side of the family and our family.  And I love her deeply for that.  I always will.

Last year Mum mentioned reading (or hearing about) a possible connection between childhood sexual abuse and Endometriosis.  I rolled my eyes, stated I didn’t want to give that man any additional power over my life, didn’t want to blame him for my disease, and dismissed it as crazy-talk. (I’m sorry, Mom…I know you’re reading this…).

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Feel Good Fridays

Ronald Reagan

We made it through another week!

Today’s quote is by former American President Ronald Reagan:

“There is no limit to the amount of good you can do if you don’t care who gets the credit.”

Ha. It’s perfect and so very true.

Have a wonderful weekend!  And go out and do some good.



San Diego Endometriosis Workshop

Wellness Institute logo

If you’re in the San Diego area, save the date  February 24, 2016, at 6pm in Mission Valley.  The Wellness Institute of America contacted us due to our support group.  They offered to host a free workshop specifically targeted around Endometriosis.  They are the local chapter of a national non-profit organization (The Foundation of Wellness Professionals) and would like to donate their time and knowledge to our community.  Dr. Gerald Williams, who specializes in Natural Regenerative Medicine for women’s health, will be speaking. 

The details are still all coming together, but if you know you would like to attend (okay to bring a guest), please let me know.  I have a sign-up sheet and I’ll be updating my liaison at the Institute on a weekly basis.  Also, we have asked to make this workshop open to the public (as opposed to limited to our little group), so there will be a Facebook event page soon, which I will circulate to you if you’re interested. 

This is exciting!! San Diego is coming together as a whole to raise awareness for our illness. 

Yours, Lisa

Changing birth control pills

A white pill

So, here’s the news…

Thanks ObamaCare.  Due to changes in insurance coverage and expenses, my employer has changed my insurance plan.  It’s the same carrier, but the plan has altered slightly.  What does that mean for my coverage?

Thankfully, I still can see my same physicians, although my physician co-pays have all increased by about $10.  I’ve no clue how any medical procedures will be affected financially.  BUT what I do know : my insurance will no longer cover my Amethyst birth control.  Sure, it’s free.  Sure there’s all this legislation and praise about free birth control…but my insurance refuses to provide Amethyst anymore.

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Share your Story : Sarah

Sarah’s symptoms began when she was 13 years old…but her diagnosis not until she was 34! Why not? How is that possible?  It happens more than it should…curious? Read on, Dear Reader, read on.

Sarah’s Journey:  I don’t think I’ve had a single day where my female reproductive organs were active and NOT pissing me off. I got my period one day in summer when I was thirteen years old. And it just … didn’t stop. For the first year of my menstruating life, I bled for 25 days out of thirty. It was ridiculous, and led to me having anemia and needing fluids almost all the time. My well meaning GP at the time said my body was just “adjusting”.

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Li’l Skully Charms

yellow skull beaded charm

As most of you know, we have our little Endometriosis Awareness Walk coming up on March 26, 2016.  And that we host a monthly support group here in San Diego.

One of our EndoSisters who comes to the group created these little yellow skully charms as part of her fundraising efforts.  Each charm is distinctly different in it’s own way (some have yellow beads, some have purple, some don’t have beads, but have a floral cap).  If YOU would like one, they’re $10 each.  No S&H charges (that’s not how we roll).

You can donate online.  If purchasing one of these lovelies, please make sure to mention the skull charm in the comments of your donation.  But act fast…there’s only a few of these.

I have mine dangling from a chain on my rearview mirror, right next to my tiny yellow ribbon charm.  An EndoSister removed the charm clasp and created a necklace.  They can be clipped to cell phones, made into a pin, the possibilities are endless.

I know not everyone likes little skulls, but I know a lot of people do, too.  I’m grateful for Linda Lee’s talents and desire to help raise funds. And I thought I’d share these with you.


Feel Good Fridays

A highlighted definition of the word hope

We made it through another week.  And January is halfway over…already.  Time flies.

Today’s quote is by Shailee J-N, and it’s my hope for you today:

“I hope your heart feels better. 
I hope your mind is set right.
I hope your love is connected to others, and you don’t feel so lost and locked up.
I hope everything is okay for you. 
And by okay, I mean greater than ever.”

I truly do.