New Study: Elagolix vs. Lupron (Cost Effectiveness & Quality of Life)

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This will be a highly-charged opinion piece for me…so as you read what I am writing, please know that I am seething and upset and just needed to vent.

A study of Elagolix (aka Orilissa) hit my inbox recently and I just opened it today. It was run by Abbvie, of course. And it compares Elagolix to Lupron to see which is more cost-effective in possibly giving women with Endo a greater quality of life. So, it’s win-win for Abbvie since they make both of those drugs…

Elagolix was deemed the “winner” in that it costs patients less money and possibly grants them a greater quality of life with a possibility fewer side effects.

And why am I seething? That sounds great!

  • a) It’s the same damn company comparing two similar drugs that it manufactures,
  • b) both are laden with possible shit-tastic side effects,
  • c) both can only be taken for a minimum amount of time , and
  • d)…the best for last: San Diego’s own Dr. Agarwal is listed as an author, a consultant for Abbvie’s research, and he helped with the “inception, design, and analysis” of this study. The same Dr. Agarwal who accepted $315,000 from Abbvie from 2013-2017. And I’ve been told my many of his Endo patients that he often pushes Lupron and Elagolix for treatments.

Does it make me want to consider taking Elagolix to manage my Endo pain? Not one bit.

I was on Lupron for six months and it was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, physically and mentally. Many people I’ve talked to had horrendous side effects and continued to have them long after quitting the treatments. And ABC 10 News interviewed several of our local EndoSisters about their Lupron experiences. It’s my understanding that Elagolix is very similar to Lupron…so I’ve zero desire to put my mind and body through such torture again…for a temporary, limited-use band-aid drug. But, I will always say this: don’t let my opinion sway you from a treatment option.

A fellow EndoSister, Magda, has a different perspective and she has given me permission to share her words today:

“I had a very good experience meeting with Dr A a few months ago finally so I don’t agree with a lot of the comments made about him. 

“I’m on a different study, for [redacted] which is similar but not one he is associated with and he thanked me for doing so even, and honestly my endo pain surprisingly enough I feel is quite nonexistent at this point, around 8 weeks in on non-placebo drug. Obviously if some saw me in a walker this last weekend it’s bc I need surgery on my hip from the labral tear because of a car accident but I’m beyond grateful that my endo is finally under control with one of the newest drugs out there for it, and with the addback therapy I haven’t seen any real side effects I’ve noted. In 2 weeks I’ll have my bone density rechecked so we can see where that is but I feel grateful to finally be on something helping control my endo pain, especially with limited side effects. 

“Since surgery is clearly not an end all option for our disease we’ve all learned maybe we should keep an open mind that there are some doctors out there that are truly trying to actually find a solution to at least help control our daily symptoms and in my opinion that is what Dr A is doing with his current practices, as a cure is not that simple. Unfortunately most diseases don’t have a cure, all kind of people take daily meds for all kind of things, like high blood pressure, diabetes, thyroid problems, high cholesterol, migraines, I could go on and on and on……trust me I get it. I literally cried my eyes out earlier this year the first day a doctor told me I was in denial that I had endometriosis and needed to be doing something about it, but mainly because I realized she was right. I also realized there are a lot worse things in life and in some case way worse conditions, especially some that don’t have a few pills that can help lower the pain levels or even possibly not help you in staying alive.

“So I count my blessings that I finally know what’s caused my pain, even though it took a long 21 painful years and a horrendous almost near death experience in the hospital last year just to get a diagnosis and finally know, but at least now I know and I’m doing something about it.

“That’s why I joined a study. To help not only myself but all the countless women who might still not know, and especially the children, more specifically the ones in my family that might be the unlucky ones to get this disease as well…..everyone has their own choices to make in life. I’ve made mine to help make a difference in any way I can. My question is what are you doing to help. If not others, at least for yourself. God put doctors and scientists on this earth to work on and help possibly eventually find cures, or at least medications that can help, that’s what the current studies out there are for. Without patients willing to help test the products, they will not be able to help us. And who knows, maybe you will actually feel better in the process. I know I do. And I at least have that to be grateful for. That’s my food for thought on this topic. “

Please, please, PLEASE do your own research and know what you’re getting into first: read the entire FDA drug pamphlets, analyze the studies, talk to others that have tried it, and question your healthcare providers. Most importantly: trust your gut. The decision is yours, and yours alone.


Future Medicine – (Article, Feb. 2019) Cost–effectiveness of elagolix versus leuprolide acetate for treating moderate-to-severe endometriosis pain in the USA

9 thoughts on “New Study: Elagolix vs. Lupron (Cost Effectiveness & Quality of Life)

  1. Yup, this makes me angry as hell too! My 3 month stint on Lupron put me in the hospital 11 times with breathing problems because it wiped out my immune system! Both Elagolix and Lupron are the same bloody thing with the same long-term health issues…women deserve better and the ACOG and SOGC need a swift kick in the “pants”. What we need are more excision surgeons trained to start dealing with this PROPERLY & PROMPTLY. This is just another money making sham for AbbVie and doctors. I hope their well funded retirement plans bite them in the arse for taking dirty money at the expense of our health!! …Now for something a bit more uplifting…in my internet exploits today I found a bit of good news…Australia’s ENDO ACTIVE advocacy group released a professional study by Ernst & Young on the financial costs of Endometriosis to present to their government, proof is in the pudding when you look at how much this disease takes away in financial terms:

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  2. Male Lupron recipient here. Prostate cancer (2016) and recurrent prostate cancer (2-18). Insurance billed $12,124 one-time 45mg injection. Lupron is bad news. Run, don’t walk away from it. Lupron won’t kill you, it just makes life incredibly miserable. Lupron is a slow roast in Hell.


      1. Honestly, I did not survey the other similar remedies to treat my cancer numbering almost three dozen meds. My thrust was to get in therapy muy pronto, endure gracefully, go home knowing I did my best. I believe I did just that. Lupron did not enjoy a welcome reception but it was presented as a hot flash special (it was) with the caveat I’d beat the crap out of it if gave me any crap. I am not new to chemo methods, this was my introduction to major league suffering that beat the dickens out of me. I didn’t stand a chance. I’m here. I’m alive. See ya tomorrow.


      1. Sad to hear Lupron has killed so many patients under going treatment. In this public forum I have been hesitant to admit my deepest dark thoughts about Lupron: It won’t kill you but it will make wish you were dead. Knowing it can kill you improves the odds this is a lose-lose drug. Dark data for sure. Thanks.


  3. Legit couldnt poop for almost 2 years bc of that damn drug. Finally shitting and it is a daily celebration for me! Wish I had been presented with other options. I had a 9 cm endometrioma. Anyone else have sizeable ones?

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