Pain Journal: February 2021

Welcome to March 1st! Not only is it Endometriosis Awareness Month, but it’s time for me to share my February pain journal!! If you’d prefer to watch a video instead of reading, here’s a wee video:

But if you’d rather read (or do both), you can totally do that, too!!

Let’s see:

  • Bowel movements are still completely pain-free. Woohoo!!!
  • Nothing to report on the sex-side of things. Suddenly February was over and we realized there was no nooky. Ha! We’ve both been exhausted and apparently have found other ways to express our intimacy with one another this past month. Let’s see how March goes!
  • I had a few days of incision discomfort. It’s fun because I absolutely have to distinguish between pain and discomfort again. YAY! That’s a great thing. And those incisions are still healing, but doing WAY better than before.
  • Not so great? I had this weird lower left abdominal sharp pain one day, kind of in the same place I had it prior to my surgery. And the next day? I started my period. And the only place I had pelvic pain was in the one same spot. No uterine cramping…just that same lower left spot. I also had lower back pain.
  • But the period pain wasn’t unbearable…and it wasn’t even for the entire duration of my period. So, I’ll monitor it and talk to my physician when I see him in May.
  • I did take 2 Tylenol, 22 Ibuprofen, 1 Zofran and 1 Percocet…but the majority of that was for a dental implant…and a tiny fall. However, 11 of those Ibuprofen were to manage my period pain. BUT that’s it, over-the-counter NSAIDs for my period. That’s a win in my book!

If you’d like to see my Pain Journal in its entirety, you watch the slideshow below:

Or you can see the quick at-a-glance daily comparison:

And now on to the POOPS! Ha. I always laugh…and poops will never cease to be hilarious to me. Okay, I dropped a deuce 65 times in February. SIXTY-FIVE! Gah, I poop A LOT nowadays! Yay! Of those, only 12 were diarrhea, so I am lovin’ those figures.

a pie chart showing types of bowel movements; 82% solid, 18% diarrhea

Or you can peruse my actual data spreadsheet:

Although I’m a little bummed about whatever weirdness was going on with my lower left pelvis, I’m still super encouraged by the rest of February. And look forward to monitoring Lefty to see what, if anything, it does. And having a nice long talk with my physician, and hopefully talk about ta referral to pelvic floor therapy…or at least address other theories as to what it can be over there.

Much love to you! Happy Endo Awareness Month!!!

Love, Lisa

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