Dry Body Brushing

dry brush
Dry body brush with massage nubs

So last night I read about this thing called “body brushing.”  I rolled my eyes, scoffed, and moved on.  Woke up this morning full of curiosity about it and asked my fellow EndoWarriors if any of them have heard about it.  99.9% of those that responded LOVE body brushing!

What is body brushing? It’s running a dry bristle brush lightly across the surface of your skin, in a particular order and direction.  Not only will it slough off old skin bits, but it’s *supposed* to increase circulation and help unclutter our lymphatic systems.  Which is all good for us. What’s a lymphatic system? Observe below:

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My favorite tea

honey jar shaped like a bear. A lemon, a piece of ginger, and vegetable peeler are next to the jar

Before my diagnosis, I was an avid coffee and soda drinker.  I rarely ever drank any water.  And since waking up from my surgery and being told I have Endo, I’ve done a complete 180 degree turn.

I stopped drinking caffeine and soda the second I learned caffeine is bad for us.  And went in the search for alternatives.  And decaffeinated tea was not an option after learning that it still has traces of caffeine… Now all I drink is water (allll day), one glass of white wine with dinner, followed by this tea before bed. Every day.

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Inconspicuous Pain Relief

Hypothetical, but it happens more often than not : So it’s one of those flareup, crampy days.  But you HAVE to go to work. You have to run errands. You have to face the world.  What do YOU do?  Can’t plug a heating pad in and walk around all day – you’d need one hellava long extension cord…Painkillers may not be an option for you that day.  You may need your full faculties. Lord knows I do…

So I’m exploring options as far as “inconspicuous” pain relief.

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