Endo Awareness T-Shirt!

t-shirt that reads Endometriosis Awareness Courage, Faith, Strength & Hope

My fellow EndoWarrior, Lauren Siciliano, designed and created these t-shirts.  Not only are they beautiful(!!), but they raise Endometriosis Awareness, and all proceeds are donated to the Endometriosis Research Center!

Each shirt costs only $18.00, plus $5.75 if you need it shipped!

Want one of your very own?  You can email Lauren to discuss sizing and sleeve options, and to receive a PayPal invoice.  I LOVE IT! 

FYI, the little round yellow thing you see near my left shoulder is NOT part of the shirt design.  That’s my Bloomin’ Uterus button, which also raises awareness and funds!  All the money goes straight to the Endometriosis Foundation of America.  Interested?  You can donate to a good cause and secure your own button.

Bloomin' Uterus buttons

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