Share your Story : Aubree

A woman with brown hair sitting cross-legged in a park

Aubree was 29 when she was diagnosed with Endometriosis.  Now 33, she lives in Colorado and has found not only acceptance of her disease, but peace.  And she’s found her healing through self-love and a natural holistic approach.  She has even written a book about her journey and her path to inner-peace and healing.

Aubree’s Journey: I suffered with extremely painful periods from the very beginning. I complained about them for years to my doctors, but nobody really paid them much attention. One of my family doctors prescribed me Ibuprofen, but this didn’t touch the pain.

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Just what is gluten?

Wheat field

Many of us have heard of gluten.  There’s been news reports that it’s bad for us, other reports that it doesn’t do anything, and yet other reports that it doesn’t truly exist.  Many people have chosen to cut out as much gluten from their diets as they can, if they cannot cut it out completely.  Why?  Many women with Endometriosis have been found to have a sensitivity to gluten.  It may irritate their digestion and bowels, causing discomfort, diarrhea or constipation, among other things.  We already have enough of that on our own.  So, find out what feels good to you and follow you body’s wishes.

But what the HECK is gluten? You see labels on food or household items “Gluten-Free,” and go to restaurants and see menu items that are “Gluten-Free.”  Some women say they have a sensitivity if they eat it, while others claim a sensitivity to even topical applications (shampoos, creams, cleaning supplies, etc.).  I have a layman’s understanding that it’s something to do with certain grains or wheat, but just what is it?  And what does it really do?

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Two glasses of water

What time is it? It’s H2O:30 (read aloud as H-two-oh-thirdty)! It’s time to drink more water, hippy! 🙂

When I started my Lupron Depot injections this past August, I found myself thirstier than I’ve ever been. So I’ve taken to drinking a lot more water (I never really drank much water except when I was out hiking or camping…).  Also, cutting out caffeine, processed sugars, soda, and a lot of alcohol for my Endometriosis Diet pretty much left me with only water to drink…And I’ve never felt better!

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My favorite tea

honey jar shaped like a bear. A lemon, a piece of ginger, and vegetable peeler are next to the jar

Before my diagnosis, I was an avid coffee and soda drinker.  I rarely ever drank any water.  And since waking up from my surgery and being told I have Endo, I’ve done a complete 180 degree turn.

I stopped drinking caffeine and soda the second I learned caffeine is bad for us.  And went in the search for alternatives.  And decaffeinated tea was not an option after learning that it still has traces of caffeine… Now all I drink is water (allll day), one glass of white wine with dinner, followed by this tea before bed. Every day.

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I can’t eat WHAT?!?

nutrition pyramid

Since my June 30, 2014, surgery and diagnosis of Endometriosis, I went on a radical journey to find out how I can help my body fight this disease, especially while I was waiting for the insurance to approve my treatment regimen.  Several books and webpages pointed out the same facts of what foods to avoid, and which to devour!  So, overnight I made a decision: to do a 180-degree flip on what I did, and did not, eat.

Some say the choice and change was too rapid.  I should have eased into it, rather than cold turkey’d it.  I agree now, but hindsight and all of that jazz.  Regardless, I feel SO much better.  I don’t know if it’s the dietary change, or the Lupron Depot injections, or both, but I do feel a lot better (from time to time).

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